Big Life Journal for Kids

Big Life Journal for Kids

Big Life Journal helps kids go from “I can’t” to “I’ll keep learning until I can.”

When kids become stuck in negative self-talk or can’t push through their fear of failure, it’s hard to know how to help them. At Big Life Journal, we create engaging resources to help kids develop a resilient growth mindset so they can face life’s challenges with confidence.

Who is behind Big Life Journal?

Our tools and resources are brought to life by a dedicated team of parents, homeschoolers, former educators, family coaches, designers, and illustrators – from around the world!

Together with the team, our founder Alexandra Eidens creates the resources to be as effective (and fun!) as possible for the target age group. In the process, we consult with trusted parenting and family coaches, teachers, homeschoolers, and growth mindset experts.

The then content is passed onto one of our talented illustrators and designers trained in how to best communicate to kids through art.

But we’re not finished here. Before we make our resources available, we put them through a rigorous “field test.” Our team includes 22 children who provide honest (as if kids could be anything but!) reviews of all our material before anything goes live! If it passes with flying colors, it’s officially released to our community.

How did Big Life Journal start?

Big Life Journal began in 2017 when founders Alexandra and Scott decided to create child-friendly resources to develop a growth mindset.

The husband and wife team experienced first-hand the life changing benefits of a growth mindset and, once they became parents, began searching for personal development tools they could use with their son.

However, Alexandra and Scott were only able to find concepts of mindset, resilience, and self-esteem for adults and weren’t able to find any resources specifically designed for children.

It was then they decided to create their own resources using language and stories kids could relate to and easily understand. They launched a Kickstarter project, and it quickly gained momentum. Through support from parents and educators like you, the couple raised enough to fund the first print of Big Life Journals.

Since then, Big Life Journal has continued to grow, with word quickly spreading around the world!

Today, Big Life Journal resources are used in hundreds of thousands of homes and schools around the world and the community has grown to over 500,000 parents and educators.

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