Blooms of life

Blooms of life
We all want to live an amazing life, whatever that may look like for each of us. To truly have an amazing life means having satisfaction in several areas of our lives and finding balance amongst them. This is not a search for perfection, but a way to continuously improve ourselves and grow. I want you to focus on 12 areas of your life, some of which you may never have paid much attention to before and others which you will be very familiar with.
Your Blooms of Life.
Think about a flower or a tree. To reach its full potential, it goes through a process, a journey to reach its biggest, brightest and most magnificent self. First, the seed is planted. For that seed to germinate and sprout, it needs food and water – just like we do.
First, the seed is planted. For that seed to germinate and sprout, it needs food and water – just like we do.
For that seed to germinate and sprout, it needs food and water – just like we do.
Once it peaks through the soil, it has to be nurtured to continue growing. It needs water, sun, and nutrients from the soil. If one of these areas is lacking, the plant waivers – it becomes limp, lifeless or remains small.
When those areas are focused upon and worked on, however, the plant thrives and grows. The better the nurturing process, the bigger and brighter it becomes. But even when it grows to its most beautiful and magnificent self, it continually requires care and attention or it will get sick, lose its petals, tree branches become brittle or break and it looks dull.
Apply this same concept to your own life… From the time you are in your mother’s womb, you require nourishment – food, a safe place to live, nutrients from your mother’s body. As a child, to grow into an adult, you require constant nurturing just like our plants. As an adult, we also need constant nurturing or we won’t flourish or thrive. Isn’t that what we all ultimately want?
This is where the Blooms of Life come in.

There are 12 core areas to look at:

CREATIVITY An idea that is novel, good, and useful. Our brains make connections between different ideas, solve problems or create. It’s our brains doing what they are meant to do. Creativity is about getting lost in something you love – creating it, building it, playing it! It’s very difficult to be creative at something you don’t like, so find what you love and let the creative juices flow.
FINANCES Are you earning a good income/salary, but living paycheck to paycheck? Then your finances are not in great shape. Are you spending more than you are making? Or maybe, you’ve got yourself a really good relationship with money and you always seem to have enough for what you want.
CAREER– Are you happy in your current job? Do you jump out of bed each morning ready to start the day and take on whatever challenges come your way or are you hitting the snooze button three times because you find your job to be a drag or just too stressful? If you could do any job in the world, what would it be? How far away from that are you? Is your current work fulfilling for you or is it just providing a paycheck?
EDUCATION– This comes in many forms. It could be formal education, it could an online course, it could be something you’re researching and teaching yourself. The point is, education means you are learning new things, whatever that may be. You could be learning how to do origami and it still counts if it is a new skill. We should always be Learning!
HEALTH Think in terms of overall health. Are you suffering from any illnesses, lethargy, stiff joints, regular colds and flu, asthma/sinus infections? You get the idea.
EXERCISE This is different for everybody. Satisfaction in this area doesn’t relate to how much exercise you are doing, but how much you benefit from the exercise you are doing. For example, a marathon runner may find the constant impact on their body is causing pain but a regular yogi may feel light and limber. YOU need to figure out how happy you are with your current exercise regimen.
HOME COOKING This is literally regarding how often you cook at home or eat a home cooked meal made by someone else. Even meals deemed as ‘unhealthy’ but cooked at home could be more beneficial to you.
HOME ENVIRONMENT are you living in clutter or does your home feel fresh, airy and uncluttered?
RELATIONSHIPS This includes both with a significant other, family, friends and co-workers. Are you happy with these relationships or is there room for improvement?
SOCIAL LIFE This is where the typical work-life balance comes in. Are you spending all your time either at work and home or are you getting out to enjoy some relaxation time with friends?
JOY How happy are you with life right now? Think about a time when you were at your happiest – how does life now compare?
SPIRITUALITY Unlike what many people think, spirituality is not just religion. It’s much bigger than that. It’s how you connect with yourself and the world around you. For some people this is religion, but for others, it’s getting out into nature, meditating, a gratitude practice – feeling connected to the universe and understanding the amazing part you play.
Much love
Anicke Novi Steyn

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